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What a phantasmagorical book launch! Greeted with a banner, “Welcome to Chetwynd,” a guesstimated 100 or so friends, neighbors, golf buddies, and church folk, made for a Sunday afternoon beyond my wildest dreams. And the spread of sandwiches, veggies, and deserts, all provided and organized by my most energetic and eager friends, was spectacular. Pictures of Granville Chetwynd-Stapylton and Queen Victoria, I must add, looked down upon the tables. I’m sure that Granville would have been especially pleased with the flags on the mini-cupcakes; one of Great Britain and the other, symbolic of Chetwynd, goat head and all, created by none other than the incredible Sallie Kautz, The Chetwynd Chronicles book designer.

Another feature was a bucket of ice water, complete with a rather huge dipper, to honor the Colony’s social club, the Bucket and Dipper Club. That was the only beverage permitted, according to the club’s bylaws. Unfortunately, I neglected to mention that fact in my closing remarks.

So to all of you who made this afternoon so very special, a huge thank-you from the cockles of my heart. I hope you enjoy the book! Those unable to attend can either purchase it from Pepper’s Book Trunk (the trunk of my car) or from amazon.com. I promise that my feet will have touched the ground by then. . .

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After nearly four years of research, writing, proofing, adjusting, and proofing again, notification arrived yesterday, April Fool’s Day, that the book is published. But the message went on to say that it would not be posted at Amazon et al for seven to ten days. Alas and a lark, it appeared this morning! It can also be found at Amazon UK .

Actually, the rush of seeing it available for purchase exceeded the moment I hugged and reveled in the delight of the first book proof. My perfectionist and fabulous designer, Sallie Kautz, was equally impressed and excited. I want to share that exhilaration with you.

There will be a celebration at the colony’s only remaining building, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Fruitland Park, at 4 p.m., Sunday, April 21. Books will be available for purchase along with signing by the author, D. R. S. Bott. After then The Chetwynd Chronicles can be bought, not only at Amazon, but at Pepper’s Book Trunk—the trunk of my red Toyota.

Needless to say, I am very proud, pleased and yes, honored, to have written the only history about the Colony of Chetwynd and about those who lived there. Enjoy!

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