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Family researchers are often confounded when their ancestor does not appear in consecutive censuses or when there’s a significant gap in local public records. It may feel like they dropped off the face of the earth for a brief time. That may be true of British researchers whose kinfolk, unbeknownst to them, spent a few years—between 1882 and 1902— in central Florida learning how to grow citrus.

One of the reasons for devoting all of Part Two of The Chetwynd Chronicles to nearly 140 brief autobiographical sketches of the colonists was to be of help to those digging for their roots. Some of them are also referenced in the narrative found in Part One or named in picture captions. Aside from the developer, Granville Chetwynd-Stapylton and his family, here are some “teasers:”

  • Back brothers, William, George, Percy and Arthur
  • Bosanquet brothers, Augustus, Eugene, and Louis, and their cousin, Charles
  • Budd, Hugh Sandeman
  • Cadell siblings, James, Harry, and Elenora
  • Cazalet, Alexander and half-brother Albert
  • Cooke, Robert Francis Edward
  • Cosen brothers, Charles, Francis, and Sydney
  • Elin brothers, George and Henry
  • Halford brothers, Arthur and Robert
  • Herford, Cyril Francis
  • Lemonius, Herbert Augustus
  • Maude, Frederick Sydney Armstrong
  • Ogilby, John William Henry
  • Reynolds brothers, Reginald, Arthur, and Edward
  • Smith, Hamilton Arthur
  • Smith, James Vickers
  • Smith, Villiers Chernocke
  • Streatfield, Kenneth Rivers S.
  • Tatham, Emily
  • Vincent, Thomas Augustine T.
  • Winder, George Edward

If you think your ancestor might have spent a bit of his life in Chetwynd or would like further information please  feel free to email me at thechetwyndchronicles@gmail.com.

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